Mariusz Łapiński


Mariusz is a lifelong programming enthusiast with 8 years of professional experience as a software engineer. In '90 he started making simple apps for 8-bits (Atari rulez!) but it was a matter of time he was lured by the superior performance of Watcom C++ on 486DX, which was essential for 3D rendering. Since then he codes in C++ for fun, study, and living.


Two strings to your bow

Whenever it is just a simple error message or a long text to be stored in a file - sooner or later you will need to build a string from smaller parts. Both C# and Java have StringBuilder class dedicated for that purpose... but what about C++? This lecture is not about localization, not about Unicode, nor text printing. It is about appending bytes to a buffer as fast as possible. Sounds simple? Come see for yourself.