Odin Holmes


Odin Holmes is the author of many of the Kvasir.io embedded abstraction libraries, a contributor to the Brigand meta programming library and one fo the organizer of the embo.io embedded conference. He is a strong advocate of C++, generic and functional paradigms and better libraries.


It's all been solved, it just doesn't work yet

Using concrete examples and war stories we will explore the difficulties of designing Bare metal, resource constrained or hard real-time systems. By tracing these problems back into more abstract conceptual errors in best practices, tooling, libraries and the abstract contracts which we build on I hope to provide a better understanding of what I feel is broken in IoT and embedded programming as a whole. This talk aims to give you a better feeling of why we spend so much time debugging in this domain, why so many projects fail and what we can do about it.

The Fastest Template Metaprogramming in the West

Although a talk on a C++11 metaprogramming may seem outdated in 2017 we have only recently found new ways to leverage aliases to do much of the heavy lifting. More alias use as well as some key implementation details allow us to beat other libraries, more modern language features and even some compiler intrinsics in compilation speed. This talk will outline the advantages of the continuation style metaprogramming which we developed in the kvasir::mpl library. It will also discuss some concrete use cases including ways to interface with boost.hana when a run time component is not needed.