adam hartka

App Arch

Lead Software Engineer at EPAM. Usually working as a solution architect / consultant with strong development, technology related background (mostly JVM related technologies). Experienced in design of complex IT systems (including solution, technology and business architecture layers; specialized in banking and healthcare domains). Has knowledge and practical experience in all software project lifecycle phases (including projects managed in classic software project management methodologies and Agile approach). Still hands on a bit ;-)


Cryptocurrencies, blockchains and things

I'm going to take you for a short journey in cryptocurrencies words. We will try to examine how Bitcoin and Ethereum works, what is architecture of them and is it still a sense to invest you money to buy a mining machine. To just not bore technical geeks business part will be as short as is possible and after it I will proceed with real implementations. After the presentation I expect that you will know what are cryptocurrencies, have some very basic knowledge about its implementations, know where you can find additional knowledge sources and fall in love in Kotlin :-D