Guy Davidson


Guy Davidson is the Coding Manager at UK-based Creative Assembly, makers of the Total War franchise, Halo Wars 2 and Alien:Isolation. He has been making games for nearly forty years. His professional interests include graphics, encryption and compression as well as memory management and file IO optimisation. He serves on the C++ Standards Committee where he is a voting member, participating heavily in SG14 and co-authoring the upcoming 2D Graphics API TS. He lives in Brighton on the South coast of England where he plays the piano, practices Tai Chi and raises three children with his wife. He’s trying to learn Spanish but is a little short of time.


What’s in store for the upcoming C++ graphics API

C++ is marooned in the 1970s with its lack of standard support for graphical output to anything other than stdout. The history of programming is full of experts who learned their profession by writing simple games, puzzles and demos, all of which require graphical display.

The graphics API for Standard C++ has been under development for a while and is nearly ready for prime time use. A reference implementation is available. In this talk one of the co-authors will give an overview of all the features it offers and demonstrate some of the capabilities, as well as reveal some of the sample programs that have been written with it.

All code will be available from GitHub after the presentation.

This talk is suitable for educators and those seeking to get a lead on the newest technology coming to C++. It should be accessible to most levels of expertise.